All you want to know about Belt M-Egypt and when was it established?

All you want to know about Belt M-Egypt and when was it established?

Belt-Egypt is a producer company working in the field of steel mesh belts in light of the economic system of the Arab Republic of Egypt. The company was established in 1964 at the end of the last century and is still working in steel mesh belts

We provide you

stainless steel

High resistance carbon steel

galvanized steel

2. Chains and gears of transmission of all sizes and steps from the best international companies: German – French – English – Chinese.

3. All manual and electrical tools used for the installation and maintenance of production lines and service and maintenance centers.

Dear customer, we have the honor to list some uses of our products, which are as follows:

Meat and poultry factories

Packaging and Shrink Machines

vegetable processing lines

drying agricultural crops

Jams and syrups manufacturing lines

Production lines for natural half-fried and processed potatoes

Snacks manufacturing lines of all kinds

Sweets aeration lines

Algelash and pasta factories

battery factories

soft drink factories

Paper and cardboard factories

glass factories

Pharmaceutical manufacturing lines, sterilization ovens, and pharmaceutical packaging

Automatic and semi-automatic bakeries

dairy products factories

Juice and ice cream factories

Halva and tahini lines

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